Yoder Country Gazebos was started in the hills of North Georgia in the early 90s and was later moved to the Montezuma, Georgia area where the manufacturing has continued since 1995. The family shop is located on a dairy farm and as you enter the premises you will see dairy cows and chicken houses are also seen on the adjoining family farm.

Yoders Deutch House restaurant is a few miles away and owned by the brothers of the owner of Yoder Country Gazebos. Yoders butchering block is also a few miles away and is owned by and opererated by another brother where they process quality meats and is also family operated.

The goal at YoderCountryGazebos has been and is to deliver a quality product at competitive prices and to have and maintain satisfied customers that will advertise our product by word of mouth. We believe that this in the end is the best advertisement possible.

We have many many happy customers and we would like for you to be one of them to. We use  professional delivery equipment and specialize in delivering in your backyard with minimum disturbence to your lawn & property.

What’s Special About Yoder Gazebos?

1. Constructed of # 1 pressure treated Pine.
2. Lumber milled & dried to minimize shrinkage & loose joints.
3. Most edges rounded for enhanced beauty & mobility.
4. 4 x 4 runners for support & mobility.
5. Fasteners for main structure are screws compatible with ACQ treated lumber.
6. Smooth surface rails with scalloped trim work between spindles.
7. Decorative support brace for added support & stability.
8. Facia of 1 x 6 scalloped to create a beautiful roof border.
9. Most rafters are 2 x 6 for added roof support.
10. Assembled mostly with screws and critical points pre drilled & countersank.

Optional Features

1. Roofing: asphalt shingle, cedar & metal roof. Metal = 30 year warranty!
2. Oriental roofs = Rafters are cut from 2×10 or 2×12 with a curve for an Oriental look.
3. Double roofs = Two layer roof w/ spindles around the perimeter of the second roof.
4. Water sealer available in 15 different colors!
CedarTone 101 (most popular), Cedartone 5;01, Redwood 102, Redwood 502, Dark Oak 103, Dark Oak 503, Cape Cod Gray 105, Black Walnut 504, Prairie Gray 106 California Redwood 511, Honey tone 115 Light Cedar 515, Rustic 116 Rustic Oak 516, Pecan 120
5. Paint = We offer a standard paint &
Deluxe Paint = Screw boles filled with putty & sanded for a better look.
6. Screen = We use a charcoal colored fiberglass screen.
No Seum = We also offer the No Seum screen which is thicker’ with smaller
holes for better bug proofing. Also stronger.
7. We custom build for hot tubs fitting into gazebo floor.
8. Can’t get into your yard to place gazebo? We offer built on site.
9. We build any size or shape. There is really no limit.
10. We install double gliders & chain hung swings in any model with sufficient size.

We also build:

– Deluxe swing sets!
– Double lawn gliders!
– Wishing wells w/ or w/o running water!
– Handcrafted windmills!
– Picnic tables all shapes & sizes! A frame with swing!
– Garden arches!
– Bird feeders!
– Lighthouses w/ single bulb or revolving light.
– Call us for any customizing interest.

Our desire is to have all gazebos & outdoor lawn furniture crafted in a manner to satisfy the most scrutinizing eye.